Our vision

We designed ElquiTerra as a place of recovery and tranquility, in a natural ambience, of respect and consideration of others, care of the nature and, first of all, as a sustainable area, friendly with the natural environment.

Our guests have free access to a little garden of vegetables, grown 100% organic, and many fruit trees, all free of pesticides. herbicides or other chemicals.


  • We have solar panels for the hot water system.
  • The "grey water" (water from showers or sinks) is separated from the "black'" water (water from toilets), using the "grey" water to irrigate garden and trees.
  • The lights are LED, a technique very energy-efficient.
  • We separate the waste like plastic, glass, cans and others for later recycling.
  • All organic waste is used for composting and then serve as fertilizers for the garden.
  • At ElquiTerra we have a separate section for smokers, smoking is not permitted in the rest of the area.