Our vision

We like to do things differently - in order to advance a "sustainable" life in our actions and daily tasks. For us, our clients and those who surround us, being conscious of our ambience: always taking care that our services and products don't have a negative impact on our environment. We reduce, recycle and re-use our ressources as much as possible. We take care and value our co-workers as well as the neighbourhood and locals who supply us with their products and/or services, so that we all can grow and develop - in some way helping to create a society more equal.

Therefore our biggest challenge is to manage our hostel following this "sustainable vision", where our present and future actions are based on protecting and preserving the environment and natural ressources as well as promoting the local economy - in order to achieve a fair and beneficial social development for all of us.

These are some of the implementations in Elquiterra:

  • We use solar and photovoltaic panels for hot water and the production of our own electricity.
  • The "grey water" (water from showers or sinks) is separated from the "black'" water (water from toilets), using the "grey" water to irrigate garden and trees.
  • The lights are all LED, a technique very energy-efficient.
  • We separate the waste like plastic, glass, cans and others for later recycling.
  • All organic waste is used for composting and then serves as fertilizer for the garden.
  • Our garden and trees are cultivated 100% organic, without pesticides or other chemicals.
  • Most of the products we use for breakfast are fresh and organic, from neighbours or local providers, following the concept "Zero Kilometers" by diminishing our "carbon footprint".
  • We support a "fair price policy" in our purchases from the neighbourhood and local providers.
  • We also support different projects at a local school to improve the education of our kids, especially learning English.